Ms. Shannon Cross - Grade 5
Cross    Short Bio

BA in Liberal Studies from California State University, Los Angeles

GATE Certification from University of California, Irvine
GATE Certification through Garvey School District

Year Began Work in Garvey: 2001

Room 17's Mission Statement

     A key to a good class is teamwork and everyone in Room 17 knows that teamwork is the fastest way to get things done. Our room is cold, but when you enter you will feel warm and secure. You will be given a fun and educational experience that will carry from generation to generation. Whenever you are given a chance to learn you must take it, because we need help and support from our peers. We can try our best to certify our qualifications so that in the future we can do our best. We should never fight with each other because we want to be respectful citizens of the United States.


5TH Grade Class


Room 17

Dear parents/ Guardians,

It is with pleasure that I welcome your child to my class. We can look forward to a challenging,exciting, and rewarding school year if we (you,your child, and myself) work together. It is important that your child has a positive learning environment, so please review the following rules, consequences, and homework and classwork procedures.


* My perspective on homework:

I believe that homework is important as it reinforces what has been taught in class that day. It also teaches responsibility, time management skills, organizational skills, and helps students develop positive study habits.

* How,why,and when homework is assigned:

Homework is assigned on a daily basis, Monday through Friday. Homework needs to be completed neatly and turned in on time to be checked off as a completed work. Homework assignments are written down in their agendas, daily, in black or blue ink, so please check your child's agenda and sign it daily in the designated area. Any incomplete class work automatically becomes homework and must be completed as such.

Incomplete or unfinished homework:

Homework not completed must be finished during recess and/or lunch, resulting in half-credit. A written or verbal excuse will be accepted from a parent/guardian if a situation arises  that prevents your child from completing their homework assignments, but the child must still complete the unfinished work at recess and/or lunch and shall receive full-credit. If the work remains incomplete your child will earn a zero for the assignment.

Binders and student work:

Your child received a Binder their first day in my class. The binder is split into sections, one for every major school subject. When work is completed and checked off your child must place that work in their binder, neatly, and in chronological order. AT the end of every trimester their binder will be checked and the students will be assessed/graded on their binder neatness, proper placement of work, and completion of work. Lost/ unfinished work will result in a lower score/grade.

How to help your child:

Parents play an important role in making homework a positive experience for their children. I would like to ask you to make homework a top priority by providing necessary supplies, support, a quiet work environment, and to set a daily time period just for this purpose.